Japan aid

By tomolennon, 06/01/2012

Tomori and George Koller visited Fukushima and Sendai, Miyagi  in Tohoku, the northeastern area devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. We might be far from Japan, but when thinking about the things that we can do, expressing our thoughts to our friends in Tohoku can also be one way right?


—We would like to say Thank you to our friends and crew who made it possible 

Yumi Nishio, Videographer, Journalist, Chief editor of Bits magazine

-Jason Ishida, Coordinator, Founder of Eyes for Fukushima (E4F)
-Billy McMichael, Coordinator, Assitant Director, Fukushima University International Center
-Masanori Itakura, Coordinator, Student of Tohoku University
-Ryo Kawamura, Coordinator, Fukushima University
-Kayo Takahashi, Director of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc
-Ken Araki, Professor of Edogawa University
-Hironosuke Sato

-Masato Tsukamoto, friend/supporter
-Mihoko Suzuki, PR of Ultraman Foundation
-Yutaka Sakai, friend/supporter