Charity activities in Japan

By tomolennon, 05/19/2012

An artistic duo, Tomori and George Koller (Bassist & Producer of Mapleleaf RisingSun album)  will visit Tohoku to show support for the region devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Here’s an updated schedule of our activities:

-May 18,
9:00~10:00 -George Koller special lecture at Edogawa University
12:30~13:00 -Radio interview/ “Suno-Dolce”

-May 19,
10:00~ 12:00 -Music and Art performance
At Temporary Housing unit #1/ Ogimachi, Miyagino Ward, Senday, Miyagi Prefecture

15:00~ 17:00 -Interveiw  with Mattew Zorc, member of The Association for the Revitalization of Ishinomakii
At Hotel Kanyo, Minamisanriku-cho,  Motoyoshi-Gun, Miyagi Prefecture

-May 20,
10:00~ 12:00/ 13:00~ 14:00 -Music and Art performance
At Kitakan Daini Temporary Housing, Iizaka-cho, Fukushima city, Fukushima Prefecture

16:00~ 18:00 -Music and Art performance
At Iris Orphanage, Fukushima city, Fukushima Prefecture