Guest Room

By tomolennon, 07/05/2012

ArtBarrage has been conducting an archeological dig into artists’ studios, both emerging and established, excavating affordable jewels to be unveiled in the ArtBarrage Guest Room quarters at p|m Gallery in Toronto. Be our guests from July 5th to July 29th, while we feature the work of 37 artists in all media for $300 or less.

Our special guests have emptied out their suitcases to spill into the p|m Gallery suite with a dynamic assortment of affordable work including Petrina Ng’s diamond composed of felted dog fur, Shake-n-Make’s scrumptious food fare menu and Jai Lennard’s suggestive pink panties.

Artists include:

Donna Akrey
Lori-Ann Bellissimo
Janet Bellotto
Adam Brooks
Mat Brown
Colin Carney
Mel Coleman
Otino Corsano
Scott Everingham
Alex Fischer
James Gardner
Sarah Jane Gorlitz
William Griffiths
Mark Laliberte
Faith La Rocque
Rebecca Last
Jai Lennard
Tessar Lo
Erin Loree
Jordan Maclachlan
Meghan McKnight
Adriana Monti
Mike Murphy
Tomori Nagamoto
Tibi Tibi Neuspiel
Petrina Ng
John Nobrega
Nancy Oakes
Wojciech Olejnik
Luke Painter
Julia Prime
Steph Rogerson
Reeta Saeed
Mona Shahid
Shake-n-Make Collective
Camilla Singh
Kate Wilson

Join us for the opening on July 5th, 6 – 9 pm, to celebrate Guest Room at p|m Gallery (1518 Dundas St. West) and visit the artbarrage site that will concurrently host the Guest Room treasures.

For more information:
Kelly McCray, Walter Willems & Rachel Anne Farquharson
Tel. [1] 647 895 3374
Email: info@artbarrage.com
Web: artbarrage.com