Hitch Haiku

By tomolennon, 12/15/2008

Date: November 13-19th, 2008
Loootion: SMASH Gallery, Toronto Canada

Date: Feb 10-28, 2009
Location: Keep Six Contemporary, Toronto Canada

Haiku is the one of the most recognizable Japanese poetry forms composed in three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. Today, Haiku poems are written in many languages and influences western poets, musicians and visual artists.

Two contemporary artists of Asian descent, Harvey Chan and Tomori Nagamoto, both highly-skilled in line drawings and figurative work, take the challenge of creating a NEW interpretation of this poetry form originating in OLD Japan.

Selected Haiku masters from both the East and West, ancient and modern, include 17th century’s first great master Matsuo Basho and the beat icon Jack Kerouac.